5 Must-Drive Places Near NYC When You Have an Exotic Car

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Whether you live in New York or are visiting the city, this northeast corner of America has several interesting places and roads to explore. The best way to go on a fun expedition is through a car. And if it’s a luxury car, the better, because then your trip will be laced with sophistication, comfort, pamper, pride, and the “oohs” and “ahs.” 

So, rent a Bentley or any luxury car of your choice and fasten your seat belts, for you are about to see the ‘other’ side of New York, away from the usual buzz, booze, and the bars.

1. Princeton 

This is just 51 miles from NYC, located in New Jersey. Choose a sunny day to come here. Expect lush greenery. Don’t miss the “gothic-like” university campus, which is open to the public. 

If you plan to stay in New Jersey, then you could come here through public transport and then rent here. New Jersey exotic car rental service is available here. Explore the place in luxury. 

2. Southampton beach 

This one in Long Island is 99 miles from NYC. Summers are best to come here. If you are looking for a wonderful beach experience, this 2-hour drive from New York is best. White soft sand, aquamarine sea waters, and a line of mansions, what else do you want? Cooper’s Beach is where you must go. 

3. Atlantic City

Welcome to the “Vegas” of the East Coast. Just a 2-hour drive from NYC, Atlantic City in New Jersey is what you want when you wish to wash off all the daily stress. This place serves as a great summer weekend escapade. 

Park your car at a proper place and explore the 4-mile Boardwalk. It is lined with bars, casinos, fairy rides, and beaches that invite you to swim. And you just can’t miss Lucy the Elephant. No, it’s not an elephant. It’s a 6-storey building! 

4. Route 7

Route 7 takes you to Kent, Connecticut, which is 100 miles from NYC. Please ask your exotic car rental about outside trips from New York. You must take permission from the management for outside trips. Besides, miles matter. You must buy the extra miles. 

Route 7 gives you a scenic drive with its grassy countryside aromas. You can’t resist sinking your teeth in delicious ice cream from one of the roadside stops. Plus, you must taste those brownies from Kent Coffee and Chocolate Company. However, we must say, taste them at your own risk. They are so yummy you might want to stay here forever! Remember, you have a car to return to the rentals! 

5. Brandywine Valley

Brandywine Valley is in Pennsylvania, about 126 miles from NYC. If you are visiting the city in spring, then you must come here. But hey, think not much about wines and brandy because the place has got little to do about them. It’s more about botanical plants here. But, the place promises you a vibrant drive. 

So, what are you waiting for? Search “exotic car rentals near me.” Pack your bags. Go!

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