Top Free Tools To Create Your Research Questionnaire

Irrespective of the discipline, almost all researchers need research questionnaire to define the relationship between variables. So, to speed up the data collection process, the online questionnaire creating tools gained importance in the last few decades. The popularity of online questionnaires creating tools is due to the increase in online data collection trends.

Benefits Of Online Data Collection:

In recent researches, online research questionnaire is the most valuable method of data collection. It helps researchers to reach the target audience. The list of some other benefits of online data collection is as follows;

  1. This is the cheapest way to gather data from a primary source of information.
  2. It is convenient for the researcher as well as the respondent.
  3. The response rate of online data collection is more than any other traditional method.
  4. You can remove geological constraints from your research.
  5. Online questionnaires save researchers from the adverse impact of Covid-19.

Hence, the online data collection methods are effective enough to address the most frequent primary data collection limitations. Like;

  1. Time limitation
  2. Geographical constraints
  3. Travel expenses
  4. Participants’ respect concerns

In the light of the pros of online data collection, we will discuss some top free online questionnaire creating tools in the rest of the articles.

Top Free Tools To Create A Questionnaire

Survey Monkey:

With this online tool, you can create a simple research questionnaire even in a limited time. Its quick sharing features add it to the list of top free questionnaire creating tools. This is good for the researchers whose sample size is small. Further, the small businessman also feels comfortable with this software. But, it also has certain limitations. Like, it allows you to create only 10 questions. Also, you cannot exceed the limit of 40 respondents by using Survey Monkey.  So, if you want to add more questions or send to more than 40 respondents, you have to create another one. Still, in the paid version of Survey monkey, you will not encounter such issues.


According to experts of a dissertation writing service, HubSpot is the most diversified questionnaire creating tool. It provides a chance to produce unlimited questions to investigate all possible aspects of an issue. Also, HubSpot is best to research with large sample size. Large business analysts also prefer HubSpot to reach millions of respondents in limited times. Hence, by using HubSpot, you can send data to unlimited people.


Typeform is another popular way to gather feedback. You can use this platform to assign a task to people for specific events. The entrepreneurs use this tool to receive job applications. The management of payment records also becomes easy by using Typeform. But, still, the researchers use it to create research questionnaires. The most probable reasons for its popularity among students are:

  1. People like its intuitive interface
  2. The app design of Typeform is one of its attractive features
  3. Further, its interface’s ease of use makes it popular among students.


With this tool, you can make unlimited questions for free. Besides, it allows you to share these questions with approximately 100 people for effective data collection. It offers more than 125 templates that help its users to create questionnaires according to their will. The feedback Hub of Survicate is the most appreciable feature. By using it, you can arrange all your insights in one place.


In this tool, the drag or drop options further simplify the creation of questionnaires. Qualtrics does not specify the number of questions, but you can share the questionnaire with 100 participants. According to a rough guess, you can make nearly 100 types of questions by using Qualtrics. It allows you to do good statistical analysis by using the predictory intelligence of Qualtrics.


Like many other tools, SoGoSurvey also has some unique features. It allows its users to create multilingual research questionnaire. It is not only popular for its questionnaire making features, but it is equally famous as a comprehensive tool. Like, Survey Monkey also provides unlimited chances to create surveys. But, unlike Survey Monkey, here you can create more than 10 questions per questionnaire. It allows you to create more than 20 different types of questions. Further, it allows users to collect data from more than 200 respondents per year.

Proprofs Survey Maker:

Like other free tools, Proprofs Survey Maker is also a good tool with many pros and cons. It brings basic free survey plans that help a researcher to make several questionnaires. People use it due to its new features. In this tool, you can analyse data graphically. The graphical representations help people quickly get the basic information like the month of survey conduction or anything else. Still, you can also use it with third-party integration.

Survey Planet:

Survey planet is free to access with many exciting features. Though, with its help, you can create as many questions per form as you can. Likewise, you will feel free to choose the number of respondents according to your wish on this platform. Hence, this tool is a single place where business management can sort the majority of analysis issues.

Google Form:

If you are new to research and want to create a research questionnaire, Google forms are the first to-go option. It is the most widely used as well as a free online questionnaire creating tool. This is a user-friendly platform. If any of you have used Google Sheets before, then using Google Forms will not big issue. It is famous due to list easy-to-understand format.

Survey Sparrow:

Like, Survey Monkey, Survey Sparrow is also good for small scale research questionnaire. In its free version, you will encounter many limitations in terms of the number of questions as well as several respondents. Hence, it is easy to use for entry levels research. If you want to add more than 10 questions per form, Survey Sparrow won’t help you. Likewise, you also won’t send this form to more than 100 people per month. You can use it if you have plenty of time for data collection.

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