What Role Does Technology Play In Making Pilgrimages More Convenient?

What Role Does Technology Play In Making Pilgrimages More Convenient?

Following the trends and leaving no stone unturned, technology made its way into the hajj and also umrah pilgrimages. As previously stated, the demand for comfort and ease is on the rise; we can see how technology is contributing to making the most difficult Muslim pilgrimages, such as hajj and umrah, more convenient & successful. The introduction of technology into the both hajj and umrah industries is considered as enticing many pilgrims from all over the world towards the holy land.

When it comes to technology, it can be mentioned that it is conquering the world, motivating and scoping industries in the direction of expansion and development aspirations. Without any doubt, we see technology playing an essential role in today’s industry. In a broader perspective, we observe technology leading us to great comfort and ease in every facet of our lives. It’s something that could be described as a positive evolution or a comfort evolution. We are now wanting comfort and ease in every facet of our lives.

Earlier, there were a few constraints or lack of easy access that prevented believers from performing religious rituals; but, those with good intents, determinations, and capacities were able to do so. However, technological advancements have changed the criterion, and presently, about 2 million pilgrims undertake Hajj & Umrah in Makkah per year. Many Believers’ dreams of achieving the essential sacred events of life appear to become a reality thanks to technological advancements. Let’s take a look at the technological factors that are still improving the pilgrimage experience.

Advanced Or Modernized Infrastructure:

To begin with, the infrastructure of the sanctified land nowadays will make you wonder about how it did look before; the place has been thoroughly modernized, offering every facility a pilgrim would require during his spiritual journey. The improved infrastructure of the site makes a wonderful appearance of a pilgrimage destination that no religion has ever had. We have advanced resources for the elderly and infirm pilgrims whose legs are incapable of performing strenuous & effort-demanding rituals. There are a few special arrangements for them, such as wheelchairs and many others, allowing everyone to undertake the Hajj or Umrah pilgrimage according to their hearts’ desire.

The Ease With Which One Can Travel To The Sanctified Land:

Back to the time, pilgrims traveled to Makkah by foot to undertake sacred rituals. People used to face many difficulties while traveling to the holy places to perform pilgrimage, from trying to carry their provisions to figuring out how to get to their destinations. They traveled in the form of groups, but a few were comfortable traveling alone. Despite knowing the difficulties and length of time it would take to reach their destinations; they didn’t ever give up.

Nowadays, we contact travel agencies online to book trips to Makkah and do pilgrimages without leaving the comfort of our homes. We are provided with services and facilities that allow us to make all of our plans and arrangements properly, from travel to dining and lodging, with just one click or phone call. Technology is to thank for it all!

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Last But Not Least, Apps And Devices For Your Assistance!

Many devices and apps have been developed to assist pilgrims in different aspects of providing guidance and performing spiritual events, and we are seeing people embracing technology in the Hajj and Umrah industry and desiring further advancement. There are several apps and devices available that enable people;

  • to discover routes and directions towards their destinations,
  • to gain knowledge about the rituals ahead of time and make preparations for them,
  • to find language translators to improve the communication between pilgrims, and many other aspects.

The Hajj and Umrah industry is delving into the depths of technology in order to provide more services to the people that will make things easier for them. Let’s take a look forward to seeing what else the Hajj and Umrah industry will experience in the future. At last, whatever the matter may be, we are blessed to have it!

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