Why Should School Use The School Management System?

The school management system makes the evaluation of all aspects of information automatic, easy and fast. School management software provides information security for students, teachers and educational institutions. Student engagement, student progress tracking, and systematic reporting are facilitated by the school management system. GPS assisted school transport allows school vehicle tracking for parents and school for student safety. The digital creation of access cards reduces costs and training time and enables a systematic organisation of information without additional effort.

Easily collect student, parent and teacher information;

All student and even teacher information is backed up on the school management server. With this software, teachers can easily analyse their students’ participation in homework and group discussions. Students can use it to secure login information and the risk of data loss is eliminated. Easily get grades and information from students and teachers. School officials are not required to keep information about students, parents, and staff indefinitely.

Allow parental access;

Parents can monitor their children’s performance by participating in online parent-teacher meetings with this software. Reports are automatically sent to parents and they don’t have to come to school to receive notifications. To ensure order, the parents of the child who is on vacation will be notified. School reunion and event notifications are delivered directly to parents via mobile apps and text messages.

Easily manage presence and reach;

Through the use of smart cards, attendance is automatically recorded and parents are informed of the lack of service. The introduction of modern attendance management technologies makes the work of teachers easy and efficient. It offers paperless attendance management and prevents the loss of important data and is relatively easy to use and maintain. It saves a lot of time as each task is done automatically and is easy to manage. A GPS-equipped school transport ensures your child’s safety by allowing parents and the school to track your location. It also helps to have a backup tool available in the event of a vehicle breakdown or an emergency.

Creating badges for students and teachers is easy;

It facilitates the creation of ID cards for teachers and students through the school management system. The school management software allows us to automatically collect information for all students and teachers and easily create an identity. For the school board, this saves time and effort compared to creating a one-off function to create school membership cards. The school board is not required to maintain ongoing information about students, their parents, and staff.

A stock and report card is easily created;

It is very easy to create tickets and track them systematically once you activate this software. School management system simplifies reporting and takes less time. Automation technology takes the pressure off teachers and makes things simple and easy. The likelihood of errors and rework is reduced to almost zero when using school management software. The intelligence of this software makes the calculation easy and error-free. There is no time for the exam.

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